What VCs Get Wrong About Consumer Investing

Updated: Jun 7

We're doing an audacious thing in investing in consumer startups. Most VC's, and most investors for the most part, would run.

No, and this is not because consumer is not cool, or that there is not a need for markets, it's actually rather because it is easier to do due diligence in costs for high tech as supposed to costs associated with manufacturers and to accurately gauge the product/market fit.

It is Difficult to do Due Diligence in Consumer Markets

Private markets themselves are very nebulous and easily manipulable, and in consumer sectors, even moreso as most is attributed to not the problem the item solves but hype.


There's a lot of skepticism, "as many think a consumer bar can't get really that huge" (Techcrunch, 2018)

Just take a look at Kylie Cosmetics and Glossier, to McDonald's and Coca Cola as the first successes

Consumer markets are difficult as there is not established or vetted way too determine successors.

Technology has metrics, LTV/CAC values that are not transparent but have been tried and true by investors. However in the consumer market, the most successful products are the ones not necessarily that only solve the best problem but have a cult-like flavor to them.

They bond and inspire community, and speak to the consumer.

Why Weclikd is an Accurate Process

Weclikd does this not through Black Scholes valuations as humans and community of VCs and experts it nurtures. We are the Good Judgement Project, for startups.

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