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The Future of Innovation is Capturing Light Itself

The origins of lasers stems from Einstein’s questioning of the photo-electric effect of light having both wavelength and particle-like properties. The study of said effect of displacing a photon to emit light has led rise to endless industrial applications, inclusive of lasers that power the creation of information. It serves poetic justice that the last space of innovation is light itself, the very means that travels via a photon that sparks a current and turns a computer on, to the nature that transmits information via optic fibers laced with erbium across oceans.

Previous technologies in silicon have been on the energy front to store energy or data via silicon and transmission of data via fiber optics. However, as Moore’s law comes to an end as silicon can only be packed so tight, with quantum computing is nearly impossible unless under extreme conditions, and fiber optic glasses becoming as efficient as they can in transmitting information, light itself and its nature is what scientists and investors seek to capture. Lasers have come to take the dominant stage.

The applications of lasers as aforementioned, are broad and vital to military weapons that can blind enemy soldiers at a whim, to high-energy beams. They can be utilized for creation of lidar maps, to spatially create maps or interpret sound waves and store voice memos. Lasers can of course not only weld metals but human organs via surgery, and bounced off of endless mirrors power space flight. The power of light is endless.

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